Why you need to stop buying iPhone.

September 4, 2017

So, I have a request for all of the iPhone users out there. I need to ask you to strongly consider changing to Android. Here's why.


iPhone makes a lot of money from its Apple Store of applications. Because of this, they're actually inhibiting excellent software based on what are now standard web technologies that Google is releasing and Firefox and other browsers are adopting.


Even with the latest iPhone release, I can't do basic development tasks (WebRTC) that I really need to make the web an even more engaging and immersive experience. Here are some of the things we can't do with the iOS8 update that came out in the last 2 days with the iPhone 6:

  • Can't Video Conference via web browser

  • Can't play videos within the web browser properly

  • Can't use the camera with APIs

  • Can't capture video with APIs

  • Can't capture audio with APIs

  • Only the MP4 Video Codec supported

This is a subset of the issues with iPhone at this point. The same goes for Windows Phone, don't use it, but that probably goes without saying.


The web is 100% the long term direction that technology is heading. Seeing Apple make some pretty clear decisions to limit the web by not implementing well-adopted web interfaces is a sign that they are not acting in your best interest. My speculation is that they are doing this purposefully at this point to secure their own application revenue sources and limit the market from being able to expand on the web.


So, PLEASE consider ditching iPhone for Android.


Jeff Fischer

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