Difference Between Learning and Mastery

September 4, 2017

Isn't it amazing that something so fundamental and significant to our lives can seem unclear?

 For a very long time I've clearly seen the distinction between acquiring knowledge and having surpassed the stage of putting it into action, but I haven't had a good term for this distinction.


On too many occasions to count I've seen people either muddy the distinction between mastery and learning or, worse yet, no distinction at all.


This lack of distinction between learning and mastery of a skill is one of the fundamental reasons the U.S. education system is broken in my opinion.  The system is predicated on the notion that passing tests implies mastery.  Except, everyone knows that it isn't.

I was compelled to write this short article because I am personally working on mastering a new area in my life right now, which I am entirely excited about.


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