Choice: Build a Team or a build an Anti-Team

September 4, 2017

 It seems there are a relatively limited number of options on the table when it comes to building a team.  There are likely the occasional exceptions to the, albeit generalization, rule.


When building a team, team builders make choices as to which end of the spectrum that team will land on a quality-by-quality basis.


Team Qualities:

  • Goal-Oriented

  • Communicative

  • Transparent

  • Merit-based

Or respectively:

  • Goal-less/Unspecific/Un-measureable Goals

  • Uncommunicative

  • Opaque

  • Preferential

Every organization must either actively choose each quality value or risk falling into a de facto value by not consciously choosing the value of each quality.  Not surprisingly, you will find highly varied productivity based on the quality value of the team you choose to construct.


Team Productivity:

  • Willing to Change/Adapt

  • Growth

  • Purposeful/Directed

  • Cohesive

  • Symbiotic

  • Motivated

Or respectively:

  • Status Quo

  • Deteriorating

  • Directionless/Changing Direction

  • Dispersed

  • Territorial

  • Lethargic

Conscious Team Building


Based on the varied teams of which I have been a part of, I would venture to say that many of the team qualities are either made unconsciously or subconsciously.  I have been part of the rare team which has consciously made decisions around the qualities of the team.  Even these teams seem to have made the decisions in an unspoken manner, rather than making the decisions transparent and articulating them.


Supporting Qualities


In truly healthy organizations, you will find the team naturally orients around the strongest link.  The other qualities will be shaped in such a way to support and hold up that high value.


Similarly, in unhealthy organizations you will find the qualities fashioned around the weakest link in order to protect and buffer it from being challenged.




The onus is on the leadership team to consciously choose the productivity level they wish to achieve with their respective teams and ensure that they properly instill the team quality values necessary to achieve the desired productivity levels.


I wish you good team building!


Jeff Fischer


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